The Keg Steakhouse Fallsview, Niagra Falls, Canada

Photos of PhunThe Keg Steakhouse in Chandler, Arizona is a wonderful treat for the Goodman Giants. Chandler?

Yes, we get to enjoy The Keg in Arizona since this Canadian company expanded to our home town years ago. After a long day of adventures, staying in Canada on Thanksgiving Day, we decided to enjoy a nice meal (one where we knew we would not need to count Big Macs after). We had a great time, wonderful service, and a view to pop your eyes out.

We came, we ate all we could, we rated:

6.0 Goodmans

6 Goodmans! Well thats not easy.

Food was great, like we expect from The Keg. Of the 6 Goodman Giants, 3 of them were slain by the David that is good food. They had to be dragged or carried back to the hotel for the night. Nope, it was not the Thanksgiving Turkey that did the trick. We all had steak, can’t go to a steakhouse and eat a bird…that would just not be right.

The waitress was so friendly and kind towards us that this post gets an honorable mention for Friendliness to Tourists!

Hornblower VS Maid of the Mist, Niagara Falls

img_4949“Goodman Giants, when you go to Niagara Falls make sure you take a ride on Maid of the Mist!” We appreciate the many that gave us this advice. We followed this advice and had a great time.

Hornblower is a young whippersnapper organization that started in the 1980s as an organization (We think they tell us so we know that they have a track record) and leaving the Canadian side of Niagara Falls since 2014. It is easy to pick out Hornblower folk because they wear pink jackets provided by the company.

It is easy to tell those riding the Maid of the Mist because they are wearing blue shirts provided as part of their tour package – or so the distinction seemed. Maid of the Mist started as a passenger company taking travelers across the river from New York to Canada in 1846 and found that business to be in trouble in 1848 when there was a bridge built spanning the the Maid’s route. In 1848 Maid of the Mist pivoted and started charging tourists for a close look of the face and base of Niagara Falls, departing from New York. No passport is checked or required though participants enter Canada for part of the adventure. Research does not easily note when Maid of the Mist branded its tourists in Smurf looking blue shirts.

Pink jackets by Hornblower and blue shirts by Maid of the Mist became the battle of Canada VS United States. Gotta give it to the geniuses at Maid of the Mist – Look at how we have blue shirts with pink jackets over them! No worries of pink jacket envy for Maid of the Misters. Surely the bright future of pink taking over the waterways that Hornblower saw came too quickly when they saw they were no longer differentiated.

Goodman Giants road the boat with a great guide and rated the activity:

6.0 Goodmans

All 6 liked it!6 Goodmans agree “Take Maid of the Mist” or “Take Hornblower”

Pink is the new black, or so say the youngest three Giants. Truly we recommend that you take the tour that works for your departure destination.


With good choices all can wear rose colored glasses.

Hornblower     VS     Maid of the Mist