“How Many Big Macs does it take?”

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Goodman Giants: Nick, Shelly, Savannah, Boston, Houston, Tacoma. Giants love to travel, and love sharing this family travel blog with the world. Experiencing as much of the local culture as possible, all while maintaining a safety net of comfort food!

One of the aspects of travel that the Giants have trepidation about is the local fare. As much as enjoying new places, new foods, and new cultures creates found memories, there are some picky eaters in the midst of Giants. No matter where family travelers go in the world, there is almost always a McDonald’s nearby. If the oftentimes exotic food does not go down so well, Giants can fill up on Big Macs! As American Giants this group is well qualified to say that McDonald’s tastes better outside of the States. Could be that it is a reminder of home? Not likely the case – the Big Macs around the world look like the pictures in the American ads.

The family gauges experiences eating local foods by seeing “how many Big Macs it takes” to fill up after an experience meal. Consuming 6 Big Macs means the group is not going back. If post dinner only takes 1 or 2 Big Macs then consider that a win!

The family rates everything from accommodations to the local water with this “how many Big Macs does it take” system! For the purposes of this blog, a 6 Goodmans scale is used:

All 6 liked it!

5 and a half Goodmans liked it!

…and so on.

Experts in the following categories with all Goodman Giants voting:

Nick = Transportation
Shelly = Water
Savannah = Friendliness to Tourists
Boston = Food
Houston = Activities
Tacoma = Chocolate (milk, white, specialty). Dark will get no mentions and no ratings because no Goodman likes dark chocolate!

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Please enjoy this family travel blog while the Giants enjoy sharing it. Thank you for joining the Goodman Giants adventures!

Cave of the Winds – Niagara Falls, New York


Our American guide for the day picked us up on the Canadian Side of Niagara Falls and rather quickly took us back State side to the the Cave of the Winds. The guide, who we were happy to be paying given his skill of entertaining child Giants, assured us that Cave of the Winds was much better than the Canada side experience of Journey Behind the Falls. We have chosen to believe him that we booked the right experience as proven by the great time we had.

Cave of the Winds at Niagara Falls rating:

6.0 Goodmans

Great time had by all Goodmans!


For some reason this reminds us of Goonies!

Got about as wet as if they went…                         …over the Falls!

Goodman Giants raving fans know that the water category is really about drinking water quality. This adventure deserves an honorable mention in the water section – we assure you that Giants consumed much Niagara Falls water.

Expert of all things water

October 7, 2016 snorkeling maskSince clearly Shelly can’t be heard well through this muffled mask, Nick will be the voice for this post.

Shelly the Water expert wears so many hats (mom, wife, friend, sister, advisor, confidant, shopper, shipper, property owner, church leader, teacher…..) that we could not record them all in a blog so small.

A hat, or in this case mask, that this mother of Giants wears is that of the expert packer. She has all the tips you can find on the internet and then some: There was one time that some of the Giants were going on a 4 day reenactment of a pioneer trek where modern conveniences were not part of the adventure. No cell phones, no blogging, no makeup, no modern toothpaste, and no deodorant! People living in the 1800s had to be born with a different sense of smell than today’s people. This genius Giant figure out the deodorant issue. Simple solution, but not one that our transportation expert was going to crack. Shelly pretreated the clothing items with deodorant. Then when the clothes were worn the deodorant applied itself to the body, and the Giants were following the rules with muted fetor.

The eyes in this photo tell the story. She does not like snorkeling, and by looking at the picture you can see the apprehension built up for our coming time in Hawaii. Shelly readily admits she does not like getting her face wet. Here is a solution, and one that the Goodman Giants swear by (added later*). Water Goddess, thank you for getting us these masks.  And thank you for the many hours of detailed packing prep that goes into each Camp Goodman, official or not.

*Post trip rating of the snorkeling masks:

5.0 Goodmans

5 Goodmans!

5 of the Giants used the masks many times while in Hawaii. The Water expert was the one hold out. Turns out the feeling of claustrophobia replaced the feeling of H20 on her face – snorkeling will not be the sport for her (all superheroes have a weakness).