Mauna Loa Chocolate – Hawaii

Chocolate macadamiasHats off to the Mauna Loa company! Amazing work defining the chocolate experience in Hawaii. Our only regret is that you sell this same product in Arizona.

Let us explain: One of the great things about traveling to Europe is the chocolate, it does not just taste better there, it is better there. It is made with less wax for one thing. We are not bashing the American companies for how they make chocolate. We understand that with the higher temperatures in the States (120 degrees in Arizona at times) that for the chocolate to not melt in transit that you need to add more wax. We Giants have brought home European chocolate only to find we need to store it in the refrigerator to keep it from melting and reshaping each time it hardens. We understand that European brands are sold State Side – they are not the same, really they are not. Brands like Cadbury are produced by Hershey’s for US sales. There are some stores where you can get real European chocolate but not like there are Arizona stores that you can get Mauna Loa. It takes work to find real European, and the good people from Mauna Loa offer product at Target and Walmart and other many fine retailers near you.

While the Goodman Giants were in Hawaii we consumed many chocolate covered macadamias produced by the the Mauna Loa company and we loved it! Sadly it was not as special because we also eat these at home. There are so many flavors and choices that we all would look like real giants if we digested these to our hearts’ content. Choose the flavor that sounds appealing, and we know you will love it.

Milk chocolate rating:

6.0 Goodmans

So many choices and so little time!

Trust that if we rated each type that they would have gotten simiar scores based on the bias of the different Giants. It is not as if those that don’t like dark chocolate will magically start enjoying the flavor if a nut is dipped in it.

*Disclaimer: American chocolate will also melt in the Arizona heat.

Packing for fun, or packing for film?

img_5778Goodman Giants had more fun playing at the bay than should be allowed for any group of behemoths. And collectively we are positive that we had more enjoyment creating memories than taking pictures of our day. Hope this post sets the stage that Giant fans should look past the images and take in the imagery.

Giants, do you want to do the following?

  1. Jet Skiing
  2. Parasailing
  3. Ride on a Banana Boat
  4. Scuba Diving

There are many tour companies in Hawaii that offer these types of all day experiences. We had an amazing time as all 25 participants of the Cliff & Dina Goodman 50th Anniversary Trip were entertained. As is his nature, grandpa Goodman chose to sit this one out.

Jet Skiing – Major hit for all drivers and riders. None of the 6 Giants had ridden in the ocean on a jet ski before. Many times we have ridden on the calm lakes in Arizona. The waves make the experience exhilarating.

6.0 Goodmans

Perfect score!

Parasailing – Each Giant that was willing to leave the ground loved the time in the sky. No Goodman Giant has ever tried to fly before and each brave one that did can’t wait to go again.

6.0 Goodmans

Perfect rating by those that participated!

Ride on a Banana Boat – This is a time filler option for those that are not old enough to parasail, scuba dive, or drive the jet skis. Fun was had, and nobody was talking about this as the high point of the day.

3.0 Goodmans

We prefer oranges to bananas.

Scuba Diving – What a great way to sample scuba diving without having to get certified. This event would have been perfect for the participants if it were not for the trouble that some had equalizing. Of the greater Goodman clan there was a pattern of ear pain from not being able to equalize that correlated to the ages of the individuals. After the considerable difficulty some had it is clear why there is a minimum age to participate. When booking we assumed the age restrictions had to do with risks of physical injury. The environment was considerably controlled, felt safe, and injury did not seem possible given how quite and peacful it is under the water. The best guides can’t cause equalizing to happen, and the younger the person the more likely there will be pain.

4.5 Goodmans

My ears hurt!!!!!

Find a firm that offers this type of day and book it!

GGs at the PCC – North Shore, Hawaii

img_5770Post about the Polynesian Cultural Center and we will get to that.

Cliff & Dina Goodman contributed 50% of the genes of which the Goodman Giants are comprised. We honor and respect these Goodmans, the parents/grandparents of Giants.

To honor these 50% Giants we all went to Hawaii to celebrate their 50th anniversary. When we say all, it was not just the two being celebrated and the 6 Giants. The cute couple’s kids and grandkids all joined them in Hawaii – 26 in all. Great times were had.

Clearly the Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC) was a great activity choice since the center was also celebrating 50 years. At PCC there is observation fun as well as join in on stage excitement.

Want a coconut? Just climb the tree and get it. No Giants climbed – it was an amazing sight to watch the muscular man of funny one liners ascend faster barefooted than any of us could climb a staircase. On the ground he broke the shot-put in half, and by hand he used coconut leaves to produce milk from the fruit flesh. He poured out the liquid in the center at the start and made fun of the coconut water. Why no videos or photos of this fete? Visit them and see for yourself: posting a video of this would be be a spoiler as some things are best seen 1st in person.

Raise your hand and volunteer and you just might find that you are the one Smurf looking blue shirt wearer called on stage. No training required as you will see in the video:

And the fun continues:

Want to get a temporary tattoo? Many do… Want a tattoo on your face that looks like you were run over by a motor bike? Leave that to Taco:


Below is our honorary Goodman Giant. The Giant kids call him Uncle Baby because he is the youngest of the Cliff & Dina family:


Fun with extended family at a wonderful venue made it easy for the Goodman Giants to rate the Polynesian Cultural Center:

6.0 Goodmans

All 6 loved it!

Insider tip from our activities expert: Splurge for the Ambassador Luau Package if you can, it will make it so you can get two days worth of visiting in within one long, event filled, exciting day. The tour guide makes it so you will see the best parts of the best shows, that for an additional 60% is worth it. We can’t imagine how we could have see so much if we chose a non-guided option.


A Goodman Proposal

A highlight of our extended Goodman Giants trip to Hawaii to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Cliff & Dina Goodman was Mike’s marriage proposal to Mary. While waiting at the airport Binki (the brother of Father Giant) welcomed the Goodmans on the trip. While he was welcoming the family with comments like “all of us Goodmans”, the Father of the Father of Giants interjected, “Well, we are not all Goodmans…” The moment was a bit awkward….

…that is, until Mikey (another brother of the Father Giant) said, “Oh, I got that.” He knelt down in front of Mary with a diamond ring and asked her to marry him. Of course, Mary said yes! We are delighted that Mary chose to be part of the greater group of Goodmans.