Cut Weight Preparing for Travel

Water expert Shelly shares with the Goodman Giants community, “In an effort to travel lightly we have decided to leave Nick’s hair behind.” Admittedly this elder Giant had limited follicle success prior to the shearing. Goodman Giants cut weight preparing for carrying one carry-on size bag in whatever way we may.  Shelly continues, “Now we will use less water in the collective Giant efforts of washing hair while in Europe.”

Transportation expert Nick shares, “This was not so much about conserving water, we have a very tight schedule while in Europe and need to save time where we can.”

How many Goodmans does the new look rate:

5.0 Goodmans

5 Goodmans! Really 4 plus 2 1/2s

Most enthusiastic about the new non-do melon, a la Picard, is Boston the Giant Food expert. It might be that with his prescription glasses he can see better – or it might be that he simply has a better sense of style.

With these two videos you get a real 360 view of the action!

June 11, 2018         Thank you Frankie at Floyd’s

#goodmangiants going on EPIC #campgoodman June 17, 2018! Please help a Goodman out and make comments below on best dome management.

We will take six of everything!

A little insight on packing for our Epic Camp Goodman this summer! Six driven Giants each need to pack lightly while not forgetting anything. We find that each choice quickly turns into, “We will take 6 of that.”

Wet Wipes $1.47 a packer from Walmart-one packet per traveler. Essential to have with you, especially when finding a restroom in a hurry. The father of the father of Giants always says it is important to leave a restroom cleaner than how you found it. To leave the place cleaner than when you found it clean the restroom before you use it so you get that benefit.

Toothbrush packet – $.97 each at Walmart. Picked these up because toothpaste “with Scope” are the Giants favorite.

Adapters, not converters–it’s an important distinction. Each person needs to have one adapter for non-UK-Europe. They are inexpensive. We got 12 from Amazon for $5.99. We need adapters because the only electronics we are packing are iPhones, one small apple laptop, and electric razors. Each of these devices have plugs that do conversion, but we need adapters. The UK adapters were $3.33 a piece (got 9 total in case we lose a few).

Other than our credit card with no transaction fees for Europe, we each need some cash. For this trip we need Pounds for UK, Euros for most other stops and Swiss Francs for Switzerland. Vibrant colors, plastic feel, size changes for different denominations among one type of currency. Lots to experience just in packing.

European Chocolate by Any Other Vendor Would Not Taste as Sweet

img_5848Plea to Cadbury by the Goodman Giant chocolate expert: Please change and distribute your beautiful Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut to the United States rather than producing a hollow visual facsimile of this work of art.

Chocolate per capita consumption in the United Kingdom is 72% higher than it is in the United State. Cadbury and friends, if the States had better chocolate we would eat more chocolate. The Goodman Giants are committed to eating more chocolate at home if you will commit to provide us the delightful experiences you so easily provide in Europe. Chocolate consumption by eighteen countries in Eastern and Western Europe was higher per capita than the United States in 2017. Give us better chocolate and gluttonous Americans will compete for the title of the most likely in the world to eat chocolate for breakfast.

European chocolate is chocolate the way it is meant to be, it tastes better there, it is better there. It is made with less wax for one thing. We are not bashing the American companies for how they make chocolate. We understand that with the higher temperatures in the States that for the chocolate to not melt in transit that you need to add more wax*. We Giants have brought home European chocolate only to find we need to store it in the refrigerator to keep it from melting and reshaping each time it hardens. Americans make your chocolate, and please let us also have the choice to consume the European brands we love. Easy to tell that we are getting excited to be in the United Kingdom in less than two weeks!

*Disclaimer: American chocolate will also melt in the Arizona heat.

Switched Cell Phones for Europe

T-Mobile Verizon Switched Cell Phone Europe

The Goodman Giants have been planning EPIC Camp Goodman for months. The Giants have been on Verizon for many years for cell phone service. We thought that we would get SIM cards for use in Europe. That makes things more complicated since texting is our main need for service and using our personal numbers for texting is complicated by usage of foreign SIM cards. Family travel blogging is a fun thing, and less essential to successfully communicating when there are 6 Giants traveling together.

Deciding that SIM cards would not be the Giant solution we revisited past research on using Verizon while traveling to Europe. There are 3 options with Verizon: 1) $10 a day per phone to use the current home plan would mean a cost of $1,620 with a limit of 500mb of data a day, voice and text included 2) $25 a month per phone for 100mb of data for the entire month, $1.79 per minute of voice, and texting of $.50 or $.05 depending incoming or outgoing 3) $40 a month per phone for 100mb of data for the entire month, 100 minutes of voice for the month, unlimited incoming text and 100 outgoing texts (keep in mind that a teenage Giant can burn through 100 texts in a day). For perspective, the average web page in 2017 is 3mb. Any of the Giants would likely view the equivalent of 33 web pages over a 27 day period. Of course Verizon is very willing to allow billing to occur for overage charges.

The Goodman Giants chose to move to T-Mobile for European usage where unlimited texts and unlimited low-speed data is included with the T-Mobile ONE plan, with voice at $.20 per minute. All this while reducing total pricing while getting standard Netflix paid for by T-Mobile. Happy to be saving the mortgage payment that $10 a day would have cost had we not changed plans.

Look at Sprint cell phone plans and you will find like the Giants did that leaving Verizon to use Sprint in Europe would be similar to moving to T-Mobile as far as pricing. Not much of a surprise with the two companies merging soon. Giants guts believe a European T-Mobile company will be more reliable service than Sprint for this trip.

Wait, what about AT&T? Well $10 a day per phone looks to be their way too.

Goodman Giants: recommend T-Mobile, moved our own Giant phones (getting a $700 MasterCard for each free phone in the BOGO deal – much better than the 24 monthly payments offered by other plans), didn’t receive any payment by this recommendation, make no guarantees for those that choose to follow our recommendation.

Arizona friends: for years the story in rural Arizona has been that you need to have Verizon for cell service or not worry about others contacting you because calls and texts will not come through. The Giant mother has tested T-Mobile this week in Show Low, Arizona as well as the forest near Greer, Arizona and has found the reception to be competitive with her old carrier. Here is to T-Mobile’s expanded network!