Rome Metro Ranking?

The Rome Metro is better than Paris’s Metro in the Giants sampling of the two. The initial post about Paris’s Metro was prior to many hot and sweaty rides with little ventilation, no air conditioning, and rather tight conditions with many other people in standing room only metro cars. The lighted status signs found on the first Paris Metro ride sadly were not on many of them.

The Rome Metro was better than the London Tube in the Giants sampling. It was hot in Rome, but never did the Giants feel Satan’s Breath felt in London. The travel conditions on the metro in Rome were tight, but at least they were cool without the use of a heater.

The last public transit of EPIC Camp Goodman was in Rome. As you can see the Giants could smile without the discomfort easily found on two other transit system in Paris and London.

German systems in Berlin and Hamburg were both used and were the cleanest of all without the negatives found in London and Paris. Likely these cities with their S and U Bahns are better system than Rome’s. So Rome, Italy ranks in the middle of mass transit sampler in June and July of 2018:

Shouldn’t be Surprised with Sap

“Organic Birch Water,” isn’t all water organic? And if it isn’t then what is it?

Clearly the Giants need to understand France more to know why one would want birch sap water since they don’t like this sample.

“Tastes like wet wipes” according to the Mother of Giants.

Giants rating:

How Can a Chocolate Get Zero Goodmans?

The common comments after tasting this chocolate were two:

  • “It tastes sour” – like sour milk was used – intentional and an “acquired taste” not yet collected by the pallets of those that like McDonalds
  • “No I don’t want anymore” – how could all 6 Giants not want anymore chocolate

Enough said and the official rating is:

Côte d’Or Chocolate link so that fans can easily see a chocolate the Giants will be avoiding.

Very Varied Fierce French Feelings for Chocolate Avec Carmel

Four of the Giants gave this milk chocolate with caramel the highest marks – three of them thinking it was amazing enough that they wanted to score it extra high.

Two Giants wanted to give it negative marks and debated that such a collective high score for such bad taste would not be just. Comparisons to better or worse than the taste of vomit were used.

Giants rating with strong protest:

Since the Giants already know they don’t have much like for the Ivoria brand based on a previous test, it must be the caramel that is loved and hated.

Status Lights Brighten Up Metro Travel

Life is often about the little things. Undergrounds, Subways, and Metros are easier to navigate when the current status is available at a glance. One point for Paris’s Metro over London’s Underground. London has hard to read maps on passenger cars. Paris makes life easy for out of town family travel bloggers by showing status lights in positions riders can see.

Paris made sure to not spoil the Giants since the very next train did not have status lights. Part of point lost for Paris Metro.