How Can a Chocolate Get Zero Goodmans?

The common comments after tasting this chocolate were two:

  • “It tastes sour” – like sour milk was used – intentional and an “acquired taste” not yet collected by the pallets of those that like McDonalds
  • “No I don’t want anymore” – how could all 6 Giants not want anymore chocolate

Enough said and the official rating is:

Côte d’Or Chocolate link so that fans can easily see a chocolate the Giants will be avoiding.

Very Varied Fierce French Feelings for Chocolate Avec Carmel

Four of the Giants gave this milk chocolate with caramel the highest marks – three of them thinking it was amazing enough that they wanted to score it extra high.

Two Giants wanted to give it negative marks and debated that such a collective high score for such bad taste would not be just. Comparisons to better or worse than the taste of vomit were used.

Giants rating with strong protest:

Since the Giants already know they don’t have much like for the Ivoria brand based on a previous test, it must be the caramel that is loved and hated.

Blue about First French Chocolate Findings

The wrapped in blue milk chocolate by Ivoria was the first French chocolate taste test by the Giants. They were not impressed with comparisons to Hershey’s like “this isn’t even as good as Hershey’s” or “I like Hershey’s better.” European chocolate is supposed to be a class of it’s own not near to the experience of American chocolate.

Giants rating of Bio Ivoria chocolate:

Garden Crepes

Creme de la Crepes is a very cute concept. Hungry traveling Giants took to the idea of trying both sweet and savory crepes at Covenant Garden in London.

Service was quick and friendly. There was no charge for table water that was served right from a tap – warm without ice. Staff was nice about it – better than places that charge for the same liquid experience.

The crepes themselves you ask? If the establishment were a short walk from our home it is likely we would not ever eat there again. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t good either. The dark chocolate was too dark – about to the point of bitterness of baker’s chocolate. The two we purchase with eggs came undercooked and were hardly consumed.

Too bad they don’t do them like Crepes Ala Carts in Breckenridge, Colorado. On a scale of 6 that place would get an 8!