4 Stars in Rome Means What?

During 2018 EPIC Camp Goodman the Giants stayed at 21 different hotels over 27 nights. Hotel Napoleon in Rome, Italy was the last one. 4 stars and nice pictures lined up a nice end to a great trip.

Affordable enough rates for Deluxe Rooms with breakfast included.

Breakfast was good when it came to breads and fruits. The cold meats and cheeses were European standard in that they were like having a selection of sandwich cold cuts – not too much in the cold meats that is to the Giants’s liking. The warm eggs (scrambled and pie) and warm meats (sausage and bacon) were disappointing.

Have you ever seen baby carrots in cooked eggs? And the picture does not show how the bottom is burned black. No pictures taken of the soupy scrambled eggs – Giants like them dry not liquid.

The property needs updating. It takes one very tight elevator to get from the entry to the lobby. Then another very tight elevator to get to the rooms from the lobby. The elevators are the size a rich person from the 1980s would have put in their 2 story home.

What makes a 4 Star a 4 Star? The beggars and street venders immediately outside of the hotel definitely don’t award the stars. The park across the street that seems to be a den for thieves likely does not give out stars. The late night liquor store and small casino can’t be star givers… The Giants know how the ratings are done and loosely governed – Hotel Napoleon on paper meets the definition. As read above the Giants would not rate the property as luxury.

Access by Rome Metro is great, doorstep great. That’s a positive.

Giants rating:

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