Trevi Fountain Worth the €.42 and Time

Right hand over left should and the 1st coin thrown means you will return to Rome. All six Giants made that throw. Second coin thrown the same way means you will strike up a new romance – the four non-married Giants did that piece. Finally the third thrown the same way will lead to marriage – the unmarried sent those coins into Trevi Fountain as well. Total amount of coins deposited: €.42

Mom and Dad Giants didn’t throw seconds since they have romance. And of course a new marriage as the result of the third coin is unthinkable for those two. As this is typed it is realized that the myth better have time limits in that both elder Giants tossed a coin in ten years ago when visiting the Trevi Fountain in 2008, so this is their 2nd coins. Of course new romance between the two of them is fine – not that the flames need to be rekindled – just good to keep the fire stoked. Warning to the two of them that if they visit again they will need to plan a vow renewal ceremony since that visit would likely include third coins tossed!

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