Taxi vs Uber in Rome

Uber is not available as often in Europe as most Giants would like. Giants are traditionally big fans of Uber and Lyft for the convenience and comfort provided. Taking a ride sharing trip usually means transparency in route selection allowing the passengers to see the correct amount of the city and not getting undesired site seeing. Reputation is built on a collection of individual events. Taxis have built their reputation over decades that have allowed Uber to compete. The oldest of the Giant sons inquired after a taxi ride in Rome, “Who do the drivers always call?” One wonders.

In Rome the Giants summoned an Uber for a trip that was quoted as 20 minutes drive time and €40. After 20 minutes had passed the app showed the drive time would still be 25 more minutes. Clearly the driver provided the Giants with additional Roman site seeing that was unwanted. Rather than following the suggested route that avoided city traffic the Uber driver took the family travelers straight into the heart of city traffic. Californias think of it this way: say you need to get from Long Beach to Ontario and your driver takes you through downtown Los Angeles. The Roman Uber driver delivered the Giants to their destination much later than planned at 71% more than quoted (€68.54 instead of €40). A return trip by taxi cost €30 after rounding up for a tip (more efficient route, to a slightly different return location). Essentially Uber charged 128% more than taxi. After complaining through the app Uber brought the charge down to only 28% more than taxi allowing the time waste and site seeing to mostly be the Giants concern.

So who do the taxi drivers call? The Roman taxi driver on the Giants trip was talking to his mamma as seen in the lead picture.

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