Security Threat at St. Peter’s Basilica

Amongst large Summer crowds the Giants first queued for St. Peter’s Basilica at 3:47pm and with the hot (91 Fahrenheit) humid (72%) day it looked like the wait could prove to be unbearable. That type of pessimistic outlook is not typical of the Giants and thankfully the down thoughts did not overcome the group. By the time (4:02pm) the short wearers had returned from changing in the bathroom the Giants maneuvered to a security line in the shade. Vatican City has strict posted standards for dress for those that wish to visit St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums. Later the Giants found the covered shoulders and dress/skirts below the knees were not universally enforced. Some were pulled out of line, and this was after the wait for the security check. Better safe than sorry by dressing according to the standards shared.

All went smoothly until the Swiss got in the way at 4:13pm. Not the Swiss Guard, rather the Swiss Knife. While in Zermatt, Switzerland a boy Giant purchased a Swiss Army Knife that he is very pleased with. The security check at St. Peter’s left this boy with the options of throwing the knife out or not scaling the dome. The Mother of Giants interceded and stayed back with the knife.

Can’t keep a Giant Mother away from the group long. By 4:19pm she texted the Father of Giants “I hid it in the bathroom. But how do I get through security quickly again?” Hopefully this was not a crime. It was a public bathroom. Hopefully this post does not get the Giants on a Vatican watch list.

All together by 4:35pm the Giants ascended the dome of the Basilica. The last great climb of the EPIC Camp Goodman.

The view was worth it.

While at St. Peter’s don’t miss the Vatican Grottoes. You will do best to ask for directions – many visit them and many more don’t know they missed them.

The sign is by this statue:

When the Mother of Giants went to retrieve the hidden knife she found that the section of the restroom where she hid it was closed for the night so that end of the night cleaning could be reduced. After consulting the team she charged in past many harsh Italian words in severe tones and quickly grabbed the paper towel the Giants prize was hidden in. The cleaning guard has no idea until she reads this post what was reclaimed.

Giants rating with climbing and knife adventures:

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