Dine with Alfredo in Rome

Somebody had to create the delightful dishes that we love to eat. At times those that created have not evolved and therefore are no longer making the best dishes. Most people like fettuccine alfredo, what’s not to like.

The Giants growing up in Arizona have watched guacamole made at the table when dining at many different restaurants. What Giants have never seen is fettuccine mixed with alfredo sauce table side. They still haven’t seen this since sauce was never part of the process at the restaurant by the creator of fettuccine alfredo. Alfredo used butter and cheese.

So how was the signature dish?


The smallest Giant started off his tasting by sharing concern that his allotment was not enough. He ended it by saying that the restaurant should use the sauce out of the bottle like at home.

Giants rating for the fettuccine alfredo:

Back to the beginning of the visit. For the Giants it started 2.5 months earlier when they booked a hard to get reservation for July 12, 2018. Good thing they did. The Giants walked in after a nice family of three that was flatly turned away since they had no reservation. In clear English, “Sir the tables you see open are for guests that booked them months ago.” One can imagine the momentary fear the Giants had when the reservation book didn’t include the Goodman name. Confirmation was produced by the Father of Giants and the group was sat for dinner.

Service was friendly enough (a little stuffy for kids and their parents). It seemed until the bill came that the great tasting chilled water was complementary. The water rating:

The Giants should have asked prior to many refills whether the water came at a per container cost – it does. A modest €2.50 each which is far less than some places that go as high as €8 per bottle. The first bottle was offered and no price could be found on the menu. The following bottles were ordered and no warnings were given that college funds would be depleted if Giants continued to hydrate. Lesson learned.

The Mother of Giants loves fried zucchini.

“I have never had better fried zucchini than this.” – Mother of Giants

“It’s like they are French-fried zucchini.” – Daughter of Giants

Fried zucchini rating:

Desserts and other dishes:

That’s right, nothing special and some items disappointing including the three desserts tried.

What about the family turned away? Well there was plenty of room that they could have dined in the time the Giants were there. Alfredo has to protect his good name by not letting the unreserved masses in whatever the cost.

This action gives Alfredo a Friendliness to Tourists rating of:

Overall rating of IL VERO ALFREDO:

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