Bianco’s Vespette e Forchette

Based on style, presentation, and proximity to Vatican City Bianco’s Vespette e Forchette is a restaurant that knows its target audience -tourists. Given the Giants experience this Italian food restaurant in Rome, Italy looks to specifically trying to attract guests from the United States. The decor has stone and brick for a romantic look with scooters to make the place “hip.”

The service was quick and friendly only including three glitches:

  • In Italy there is an American tax where each water loving patriot pays €2.50 to €7 per bottle of H2O. Most prefer still water over carbonated water. At this place the Giants ordered a bottle of still for the table after the request for table (tap) Water was turned down. After taking the order the server said that their still only had a “little natural gas.” Each backpack full with soda and real non-gassed water the group complied with the tax levied. “Little” was full gas and that’s water was consumed by only three Giants.

  • Two appetizers were ordered. No need to do this since olives, bread, and little pizza balls were brought out before the meal.

Sadly one appetizer showed up with the meal after the complementary offerings. Would have been better if the appetizer had arrived early. Happily the second appetizer was forgotten by the waiter and not delivered or charged.

  • The bill was promptly delivered when requested, which often is not the outcome in many European restaurants. The glitch was that getting the staff to allow a credit card to be run was not achieved in the next ten minutes while the Giants stressed making it timely to a special Friday Night at the Vatican. The bill was paid cash by leaving it on the table.

The food was fine, and not something to rave or complain about.

Finish cooking your steak yourself seems to be all the rage in Europe in 2018. Not complaining, simply informing.

Giants’ rating:

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