Uffizi Tours By Locals

Lots of options when pricing tours. Most options are per person and when priced for Giants 6 the totals are ginormous. Sure discounts are sometimes awarded for youth and after those are applied the totals are usually still unbearable. Bulk purchasing is needed, and to do that it is important to speak (text, email, or smoke signal) to decision makers. The mainstay hotel centric commercial sites have proved unhelpful in bringing in reason to these negotiations. As have the “travel sites.” ToursByLocals.com is a breath of fresh air for groups to arrange plans. The guides are engaged in the arrangement process and compete for business.

The Giants guide for the Uffizi was accommodating, spoke English well, and maintained enough Italian accent to provide authentic charm to the experience. When it comes to the peer group the Medicis left an amazing museum. Having a guide to highlight the historic evolution of art turns visual overload into love for learning. Uffizi is busy, and “skip the line” tickets are essential to allow the visit to be a couple few hours rather than most of a day. Busy is well controlled once inside with the air conditioners. No Louvre type queue for Mona Lisa at Uffizi unclogs the visit.

Giants rating of guide and museum:

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