MaMMaMia – Think The Great Outdoors

Steak in Florence, Italy was not planned by the Giants. The planned restaurant was too far of a walk for the tired crew so convenient to the boar statue of Florence was chosen.

Location led to the biggest steak that the Giants have seen. The photos don’t do justice to the reality.

Two Giants shared this and hardly put a dent in it. Think The Old 96er from The Great Outdoors. The steak was ordered medium and came out closer to rare. In English it was shared by the water that in Florence they like to see there meat move. They were kind enough at MaMMaMia to take the steak back and cook it a little more. The boys enjoyed the meal.

Other dishes were of little note other than the table bread tasted more like table than bread.

It was interesting to see that some of the wait staff were clearly working their second job of the day since they were seen selling leather goods in the street earlier that day. The market in the area closed up around 6:30pm with the restaurants opening at 7:30pm.

Giants rating:

MaMMaMia Restaurant Piazza del Mercato Nuovo, 18/R 50123 Florence – Italy

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