Capitalism Creating Great Italian Train Options!

Italy has a reputation amongst Europeans of having poor train travel. The trains are said to be in poor condition and the service known to be unreliable. When the Giants took trains Zermatt, Switzerland to Venice, Italy the Swiss train staff warned about train travel in Italy and said, “hopefully you will get a Swiss train for this whole journey.” This Swiss SBB employee spoke from deap in his soul about the concern about Italian trains not simply from his pride in country or his employer. The train for that trip was Swiss and not the best of trains. AC was out on one of the cars (luckily not ours).

In booking travel Venice to Florence the Giants found competing companies offering train travel options. First class tickets purchased for 18.90 Euros a piece. So for less than $23 a person the Giants booked passage. What about the reputation though?

The Giants had an amazing travel experience on italo. Free snacks and drinks, plenty of space for bags, extra leg room, clean (rather clean), friendly staff, announcements overhead in Italian and English, and good conversation with other travelers.

Check out the nice touch with the bathroom notice:

Giants rating:

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