Dome of Duomo Worth the 463 Steps

Summer heat in Florence, Italy means that timed entry to climb to the dome of the Duomo is the way to go. The Giants chose to ascend on July 11, 2018 at 8:30am. Plan ahead, the guards are strict and you need to be in line timely as directed when the tickets are booked.

Climb to the point where the interior of the dome may be seen, and make sure to look down.

No worries about accidentally falling since there is a glass wall preventing terminal rapid descent. After getting the interior views, catching your breath, then climb some more.

Yes those steps are on the top of the dome and a steep curve upwards.

A sneak peak of the views to come while climbing to the exterior top of the dome.

The Giants made to the top of the Duomo. Given some delays at the bottom the Giants chose to not climb the bell tower onsite. Why climb those 414 steps when a picture from the top of the dome?

Giants rating:

4.5 Goodmans

Really how fun can climbing steps be? As far as “have to see sites” this one was well worth seeing.

Extra points for Duomo for being historically beautiful without a lot of modern updates to the stone used for construction.


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