Membership Dining in Florence, Italy

Teatro del Sale in Florence, Italy only allows members to dine. Nightly the dinner includes entertainment. For the Goodman Giants even knowing about an exclusive members only club feels like a major honor. Months prior to the the visit in July of 2018 the Giants reached out to the club to apply for membership and book a table for six. Upon arrival each family member filled out an application for membership, including the young eleven year old Giant. The initial application only covered the Father of Giants and made it so the reservation could be made. Each Forgein Non-Resident (youth or otherwise) becomes a member for 7 Euros a piece.

Littlest Giant copying off of the membership form that his brother just completed

Members queued for entrance, drinking included wine and water

The all-you-can-eat* dinner club provided a wide variety of dishes that the Giants would not have chosen for 30 Euros per adult. The family style format is not quite all-you-can-eat (that’s why the * was included) in that it really is all you can get before the other members do. Think if your 70 person Italian family were to sit down for dinner all at the same time and each dish were brought out one at a time. At times items were left for multiple servings, and at times items were consumed by humans faster than if each member were a wolf.

Abundant and refilled side dishes while main dishes were served one at at time – No Giants tried these baby fish

Two Giants tried these

Dish after dish was announced by the wait staff and the Giants kept hoping for the chicken that looked so delish to be presented.

Nothing like chicken roasting by open flames to keep Giants trying foods they likely will only sample

Bigger mollusks! Not as good as the first ones in the estimation of the two brave samplers

Sadly the family of travel bloggers are not able to capture all the emotion experienced by the Giants and others when the hard working staff member with Down Syndrome was able to announce a dish. The other staff member did excellent work and set boisterous examples for him. The emotion was palpable when with enthusiasm and pride this tall spirit in a short frame proclaimed his dish to those dining.

The oldest of the Boy Giants looks like he is getting away with theft because of his excitement for the fact that the water was good, self serve, and not charged for by the carafe. He calculated that as a family 10 waters were drank, and since normally the charge is 6 Euros per bottle, the Giants were able to get a value of 60 Euros in water alone.

Giants take on the water:


Good, endless, and self serve! Water heaven!

Top off the night with dessert and a show!

Thirds please!

Giants rating of the food:


Loved the trying of so many choices

In true family style the member moved the tables out of the way to arrange seats to enjoy the performance

The Giants rating of the night:6.0-Goodmans

With dinner starting at near 8:00, arrival time is 7:30, the Giants chose to skate and not see the show when it got late. Could be that the show would have moved a 6 Goodmans night to 7?! The prepping, cooking, presenting, and eating of the food was enough entertainment for the Giants!


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