Free Fuchs Matterhorn Chocolate Taste Test

Fuchs gives a free Matterhorn chocolate to each person who brings in their pass from Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, a glacier palace built into a location near Zermatt, Switzerland. The chocolates are beautiful, look like they could have been the inspiration for Toblerone, or simply were inspired similarly to the world renown brand of the hidden bear in the logo.

Smooth chocolate, transitioning texture from outside to inside (as if the outside chocolate is a velvet shell to the delicate center), distinct taste, and smiles on the faces all around. Given the mountain setting, the Swiss origin, and the Giant fandom of the T chocolate the debate included comparisons to Toblerone in each comment. The Giants’ world being compared better and worse to a loved Swiss chocolate leads to a rating of:

Does six Goodmans mean the fancy mountains are worth 19 times the price of the chocolate mountain the reader can buy today near their home anywhere in the world? Toblerone cost about $2 for 10 pieces. These mountains in Zermatt cost 3.8 Swiss Francs each and at the time of this post a Swiss Franc is $1.01. Try out the rest of the math at your store as you buy the available chocolate mountains. Good for the Giants they tasted these delights as a promotion to go to a store immediately adjacent to their hotel.

Based on the attempted internet visit to Fuchs these Swiss chocolates may be hard for you to try without travel.

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