Matterhorn: Go for the Views and Stay with Julen

Giants stayed for a day, 19 hours really, in Zermatt, Switzerland and greatly appreciated the treatment and accommodations provided by Romantik Hotel Julen. When in Switzerland seeing the Matterhorn is a must. One room was booked through a travel website and the other directly. The perks of a direct booking were extended to both rooms occupants. Direct booking was cheaper, includes free e-bike rental, free breakfast, a welcome drink, and free water and soda in the room out of the mini-bar. Imagine the excited face of an 11 year Giant who in his life has never been allowed to even move an overpriced mini-bar item when he can drink to his kidneys content.

Visiting Zermatt and seeing the Matterhorn is a delight. Based on the excellent service, clean and comfortable rooms, and thoughtfulness of the staff the Giants will choose a Julen brand hotel if they are again blessed to visit this majestic town.

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