Not Got Moxy

Moxy by Marriott without the Marriott branding on or in the building.

The best hotel customer service experienced on EPIC Camp Goodman was at the Moxy Berlin Ostbahnhof. The 1st night all three rooms were upgraded to premium rooms by the staff! The second night brought to the Giants by an easyJet cancellation were offered by Moxy at a discount of 10 Euros a room compared to the previous night! These are some easily documented courtesies – the staff went much further in friendliness, concern for Giants stranded, and efforts to accommodate. Moxy staff puts accommodate in accommodations.

Giants rate the Moxy staff on Friendliness to Tourists:

The rooms, premium and regular, are clean, nicely appointed in a modern way, and provide comfortable beds. Good to see that finally new hotels are willing to not put phones in their rooms and adopt the mobile culture of 2018. The rooms minus artwork and preset hotel advertisements on the TVs rated:

Based on the ads running on the TV home screens Moxy is a brand marketed to those that are interested in hooking up. The non-subtle images and clear words promoted the concepts of the hotel – very clear images. By booking through Marriott the Giants did not know that suggestive images including partial nudity would be part of the stay. Would the Giants book Moxy again with kids – no. Did the Giants stay a second night rather than travel across town for the win, lose, or draw lottery once they were forced to stay an extra night – yes. To highlight the culture of the hotel, each room had an alarm button by the bed.

Graphic photos not taken by Giants or posted on this family travel blog.

Total number of Goodmans if you know what you are getting into:

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