easyJet Flight: $33 a Person Too Good to True

Traveling with 6 Giants booking flights 7 months in advance can provide wonderfully priced travel. $33.33 per person for flights Berlin, Germany to Basel, Switzerland is such a great deal that the Giants simply hoped the airline would not go out of business before the trip.

The Giants did not realize that a flight could be cancelled for Thursday, July 5, 2018 and that rather than providing another flight on easyJet or another airline that the clan would be stuck in Berlin. “Sorry we are sold out tomorrow, your only option is to get a refund and find your own travel,” is a harsh message to hear. Candidly, it would have been nicer to hear this from a human rather than online from a “digital airline.” Few people to talk to on the phone (although the charge is .20 pounds a minute) with all roads leading back to the internet.

Giants are doubtful that easyJet will make good on the 279 euro hotel cost or the 639.50 Euro cost for a 7 hour train ride. Good news that the Giants bought travel insurance that covers each of them up to $200 a day for trip interruption. 279+639.59=918.5 Euros 918.5×1.17=$1,075.02 Looks like the Giants should be covered and in the positive on the choice to spend less than $700 on travel insurance.

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