Tower of London is a Must See that Could Be Skipped

Tower of London is a Must See that Could Be Skipped. If Giants could do it over again they likely wouldn’t do it again. Nothing to go back for a second visit for sure.

Crown Jewels are at The Tower of London. Giant advice: get in the line for the Crown Jewels when the line is short. Gotta jump when the time is right. Like anything there is an ebb and flow, and when things ebb jump in line. If at that time some of your group goes to the loo what do you do? Stay in line, see at exit that the timing choice was golden given the hour long queue that was fifteen minutes, and be glad that Londoners are rule followers who will help Giants navigate the structure of things. When the loo goers tried to cut through the line to join the other four it was strictly forbidden and the line had already grown quite long. After a firm rejection to the request to reunite the family for viewing of the jewels a staff member approached the Mother of Giants and said, “Looks like you have a limp.” Limp-less with an excuse given the Giants saw the Crown Jewels together. Soon the phrase, “As Nice as a Londoner” will be commonly said if this continues.

Yeoman tour was what the Giants abandoned early to get in the shorter queue. Tour was interesting enough, but not interesting enough to have a long wait later.

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