Residence Inn London Bridge is Not Falling Down

The Giants stayed two different times in the matter of 10 days at Residence Inn London Bridge for a total of 3 nights. Those stays were met with unexpected surprises – good ones.

The Giants expected to be able to wash and dry clothes during the stays and maxed out the appliances on two different nights. What was not expected was for the usage of the machines to come free with the room rentals – based on the past the exception was that the machines would be coin operated like so many are at other hotels. Clearly this is not any other hotel since when the Father of Giants asked for directions to the machines he was given soap to use – again the expectation was that soap would need to be purchased, potentially at some level of real effort (going to a store or procuring the exact amount of money to use for a dispenser that only accepts certain coins and offers no change).

Breakfast can be one of the best meals when it is consumed with a group for the purposes of indulgence and social time. When breakfast is eaten purely as a way to get the engines running it can be a very disappointing event financially when some Giants consume 90 pence worth of food at a 18 pound English breakfast. What do Giants do to prepare?

4:45pm–5:45pm Shop for Tue/Wed breakfast, chocolate and snacks (Tesco Metro, 125 Tooley St, London SE1 2RS, UK) .5 mile walk (11 min) from hotel

Giants plan ahead and buy breakfast food elsewhere and eat in the hotel rooms. Above is the planning to get breakfast for one of the Residence Inn stays. Nothing at the Marriott website or elsewhere online said anything about breakfast being included with the stay. Of course breakfast is standard in the states at this name of property but dollars and Cheers merely as the name of a sitcom are standard too. Upon checkin the Giants and their perfectly detailed schedule were grateful to hear that breakfast is included with the stay (please go back and pronounce schedule in your mind like a true Brit would). The food was good too.

The pictures and discriptions of the property are correct with the accommodations proving to be nice. The negative on the facility is that there was only one elevator for a property that needed three. The staff was very helpful with one mate helping to fix a detached van mirror. Read more about why that was needed by clicking here.

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June 18-20, 2018 and June 26-27, 2018

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