Hertz Closed Early and Stranded Giants

11:00pm at night in Paris at the Hertz counter that is scheduled to close at 11:30pm and nobody is there. This after a day of a delayed ferry, race car taxi, and a run that allowed a glimpse of a departing train – well worth the read by clicking here.

After a 40 minute unproductive phone call with Hertz (talking to 4 different team members through escalated transfers), and a 30 minute taxi ride to the hotel the Father of Giants realized that the reservation with Enterprise at Versailles for the next morning never was cancelled. What a miracle since all 6 passenger vehicles were triple the booked price and none with automatic (driving stick isn’t normal for the Giants and a refresher course with 6 lane roundabouts isn’t advisable). Morning traffic is Paris is being navigated by a professional while this post is completed.

Oh there is more. Last night when the Giants left the train station for a taxi there was a line of 100 people queued for taxis – Paris is busy and with a train strike things are worse than normal during this high season. The facilitator at the taxi line enquired how many we were and put us right into the first taxi – to do so he took a lady out of it, she was already boarding!

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