WB Stands for World’s Best Harry Potter Experience!

Started with a quick bus ride in a double decker bus – sadly not the triple decker variety. Bus costs an additional 2.5 pounds a person. Stepped on and off to WB.

Showed early for a 10:00am start and avoided the coming queues of the day. Lots of line options that are good to miss by arriving early.

Digital guides are adequate in form and smell like a combination of hand cleaner and old man (not just the Father of Giants).Great Hall is as large as hoped with an open roof and all. Of course not open to the sky since it is open to the sound stage ceiling.

Pace varies greatly for a group of 6 Giants: when some were at audioguide stop 14 one of the most inquisitive was at stop 8. Roughly some were moving 75% faster than at least one other.

To catch up on the audio guide and leave timely the Mother of Giants listed to some segments at the end of lunch. While she was engaged with headphones a Child Giant said “Universal Studios Butterbeer is better.” And a peer said, “No it’s the same.” Moments later the Mother of Giants exclaimed, “This is far better than Universal Studios” referring to the Butterbeer. And the same child repeated, “No it’s the same.” 3 think Universal’s is better better because it is not sweet enough in Watford, England. 2 think WB in Watford’s is better because Universal’s is too sweet. 1 thinks “No, it’s the same.”Butterbeer ice cream is a hit! All 6 Giants liked it.The tour continues with opportunities like trying to find out who lives next to then Dursley home.The details and experiences are immersive and vast. The end Hogwarts Model is grand.

Expectations were exceeded for all Giants:

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