Visit this One Castle in the UK

If You Visit One Castle in the UK, Visit Warwick Castle. Yes you read that right. Edinburgh in Scottsdale is notable, beautiful, and boring. Tower of London is historic with high points of note, and easy to access from the city center. Boring and easy to get to from London Warwick is not.

Warwick Castle is as grand in person as it is online, in drawings, and as described by “Uncle Cliff” who promoted the castle heavily as the Giants planned EPIC Camp Goodman. Usually high expectations lead to less than great impressions. Warwick Castle exceeded the expectations of the group. Historic with engagement, grand with interaction, memorable with mostly true facts shared by staff, and all experienced in 3 hours. A full day could be spent at this castle without boredom.

The archery show was engaging enough to stand near to the presenter while in full sun. A high compliment given by a very fair skin family. We learned, true or not that:

— A bowman will fire 10-15 arrows in a minute of battle with the first 15 minutes of battle seeing over one million arrows fly.

— Arrows flight is guided with Goose feathers that are “good in the wet as well as the dry.”

— Peasants start practicing at age 6 and practice each Sunday after church and before the pub.

— An army is comprised of 70% archers (peasants) , 29% infantry (peasants), and 1 % knights (nobleman).

— The knights lead from the rear outside of the range of arrows.

— Archers could be handsome and charming with a beautiful accent.

The trebuchet show was entertaining and funny. The Giants can’t wait to tease the next motion sick Giant with the phrase trebuchet sickness and threaten the common punishment of removing an eye with a dagger. Winding the catapult by foot power is as impressive as the shot.

The events of the day are started and ended with an immersive scenic walk from the car park through shadows of trees and lined by moss ladened stone walls.

Make the drive from London, and the walk from the car park and you will be very pleased.

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