1st Do Not Stay Hotel on Night 9.

Writing this for a delayed post while trying to go to sleep after midnight. The Giants have stayed happily at other Holiday Inn Expresses in Europe. The Watford, England location is what the Giant Children would call sketchy. Arriving through a dark and very crammed ally to a hotel where multiple men were smoking immediately out front with the look like they were collaborating on how to remove their Les Mis style prison tattoos sets the stage for Giant Parental worry. The Giant Kids were aware of the change in heartbeats of the grownups and many enquired if the Giants could stay elsewhere. Since it was 11:15pm and because the Harry Potter WB Studio Tour bus stop is just 2 minutes walk away, the Father of Giants affirmed firmly that the family would stay.

Staff was friendly at check in. Room arrival revealed that a King Size Bed room was not as promised. The staff offered no resolution other than an offer to talk to a manager at 7:00am.

This post is set on a schedule. If the Giants aren’t heard from again within 5 hours of this post landing call the police of Watford and find the family of travel bloggers.

Even the Giants don’t dare taken pictures outside at this time of night so as a viewer you get this inside pic.

Giants rating given the measurable fear:

Updated at check-out. Now the story is that there are no king-sized beds at the property. Interesting that last night there were and just none available. No worries.

The hotel is as convenient as could be to the bus stop for Harry Potter (3 minute walk), and the staff was kind enough to store our bags.

Revised rating with the brightness of the morning sun:

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