Pro Underground Move

On one of the first underground loading attempts the Oldest Son of Giants boarded without the rest of the group. He played things perfectly and was waiting at the very next tube stop.

Later in London the underground car the Giants were loading into was crammed packed. Hear music in reader’s head, “All the lonely people, where do they all come from?” Fresh in her mind of how for minutes she had lost a son (not lost long enough to add him to the Live List of the Lost) reflexes acquired while studying for a semester in London kicked-in when it looked like not all 6 could board before the doors would shut. The Mother of Giants pushed on Camp Goodman shirt wearing Giants until all, including her, were within the trains doors. Her pushing pushed many smushed against the Giants. Seasoned Londoners, Giants, and the tube walls themselves were impressed. Sadly security footage could not be obtained for this family travel blog. The photo included is from another ride where the Giants are avoiding the warmth and sweaty skin they had only recently touched while prodded onto the car.

One thought on “Pro Underground Move

  1. Carol says:

    Sounds like when Dad, Gary and Annette made it on the subway in NYC and I didn’t. You learn to move fast and jump fast!

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