Loch Ness Monster: No Longer Lost

The Daughter of Giants swears she saw Nessy during the Giants Rib Boat Tour in search of the Loch Ness Monster. For sure one monster size bird was seen by all – other than that nobody other than the lady can say for sure.

Stories from Marcus the expert captain (a winner of a 1,000 pounds for his photo submission that was the best of the year in the Loch Ness Monster captures on film contest), fast moving rides, pauses to look for wildlife (Monster or otherwise), and a good time had by all.

Worries about getting wet, or cold? Cruise Loch Ness has you covered with a full suite to protect from wind, water, cold, and monster attacks. The crew didn’t say the suite protects from monster attacks, however no Giants were hurt by Nessy or other creatures while wearing them so the evidence is the suite does stop monsters from hurting the wearer.

Photo of Nessy provided by the Littlest Giant, while not eating chocolate he moonlights as a police sketch artist.

Giants rating of Rib ride:

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