Can Your McDonalds Pass the Pickle and Onion Test?

Years ago a friend’s dad was in the drive through at KFC and made a detailed request to change his order from the standard options on the menu. Then the dad said, “You’re going to get that right aren’t you?” Without delay the voice through the speaker said, “If I could, do you think I’d be working at Kentucky Fried Chicken?”

In the States the Mother of Giants finds that it is not likely that the McDonalds staff will be able to make two changes to an order. She does not like pickles or onions on her Bigmacs. What does she do? She orders them without onions and removes the pickles herself – usually offering them to her husband that politely declines them.

A McDonalds in Dublin passed the pickle and onion test removing safely both items without adding something else (often the items are removed and the employee then adds something as compensation or out of spite – you didn’t get this so I’ll give you mustard…)

And the double win was when after a dumbfounded staff member couldn’t understand the request for a drink refill a fan of Texas jumped in and gave the Giants a soda refill. European restaurants normally doesn’t do refills. He recognized the Houston namesake hat and showing kinship provided extra soda!

No Giants rating given since not all Goodmans were there. Some were finishing laundry.

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