Ode to Hotels with Washers and Dryers

The Epic Camp Goodman travelers have planned out their adventures to when and where to wash clothes. In Ireland machines in the hotels couldn’t be found for the stay. For those living in Dublin that don’t have home machines they use road and store side units installed by Revolution Launderette.

  • First thing in the morning, hours before most Giants awoke the Father of Giants went out with the 5 days of clothing of 6 Giants [7:05am].
  • Arriving early the machines were open and the darks were loaded into the large machine (huge really)[7:20].
  • Finding that the credit card function would not work it was back on the road with the darks and whites to get change (24 euros in coin needed) [7:22am].
  • Traveling to get coins as directed by Google Maps led to a dead-end instead of Circle K [7:30am].

  • Coins found, two washers loaded at the Giants were on their way to have clean clothes [7:45am].
  • While the first load was in the final spin cycle up road a man on a bike with a bag as large as the smallest Giant. No worries since the washers will be available to him soon. Worry should have been had since quickly and without discussion the new man on the scene loaded a third of his bag’s contents into the dryer [8:12am].

  • The man was of few teeth, a nice demeanor, an Irish accent, kindly shared where the other machines are located in the area, and even directed which units will possibly be free. After the second machine finished washing the wet clothes was loaded for what would be a few attempts to find a free dryer or two. No worries was the thought since with a van the Giant clothes could be transported more easily than the man could move his giant bag by bicycle [8:22am].
  • Three stops later (a Google map fail and a location full with others waiting) a free machine was found with two ladies there with one washer in final spin. What a relief to find that the women planned to dry their laundry in the warm Irish sun [8:45am].
  • Drying takes time, lots of time so air drying helps [9:15am].

  • Fifteen minutes drive to pick up other 5 Giants and much is still wet [10:30am].

  • All six Giants find a free dryer later to finish the fun of not living in filth or dampness [2:36pm].

  • All done and dry [3:35pm]!

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