BBQ Good Enough to Eat Tomorrow

In Belfast, Northern Ireland, the Giants has the best meal so far for 4 of the group. The 5th liked it and the 6th abstained on principle. For the Littlest Giant he could not handle the temptation of the restaurant being immediately adjacent to a Subway. It was clear this tired Giant wanted something familiar and after a bite of his mom’s meal he only had stomach for Subway.

That Giant and all the readers are missing out on a restaurant good enough to eat two days in a row. Sadly the Giants were only in Belfast one day and couldn’t repeat the delicious event.

BBQ pork as a sandwich or in a bowl on mashed potatoes, French fries (not chips), mac and cheese like a southern would be proud of….just writing about Bubbacue makes the mouth water. Words won’t properly describe this best meal of the trip on the 6th day before the Giants rested.

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