Old World Style in Edinburgh – Time to Update

img_6585The Dalmahoy in Edinburgh, Scotland was to be the nicest hotel the Giants would stay at during this EPIC Camp Goodman. The hotel rooms themselves are of an old world style, and are showing their wear – but not in a classy stone steps worn down sort of way. More like the rooms themselves are saying, “I was built in the 1970s, updated in the 90s, and I need to be freshened up.

Fine enough place and we are not complaining. Simply not as nice as the website makes things look and the pricing would lead you to want.

We had the chance to talk to the father-of-the-bride during a wedding party and get a picture with him and another kilt wearing soul. We appreciate their kindness and full willingness to be part of this blog – we told them they would be pictured, although with the amount of drinking they had been doing they may not recall that.

Sadly the wi-fi signal is as if it was installed in the 90s as well.

And the Giant rating of:

3.0 Goodmans

Only 3 Goodmans

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