Breathe… Seriously You Have to Breathe…

If the Giant panting after getting on the plane in Edinburgh was just from running then the recovery would be fast. The stress induced anxiety could be measured in tons right now as we fly to Belfast on easyJet. A missed flight would mean 8 hours by car and ferry or waiting for the next flight some 8 hours later (either way blowing up plans for visiting Giants Causeway – really how could the Giants miss that!).

It all started with a drastically wrong assumption on the part of the Father of Giants. This largest of the crew made up his own mind months ago when booking the flight (7:10am departure) that the Edinburgh airport was a sleepy little facility similar to ones in Provo, Utah or Long Beach, California. The idea of a mini-airport, combined with the car rental facility opening at 6:00am, got the Giants to Alamo car rental return at 5:58am. No staff was there (even 8 minutes after 6), and after precious minutes of searching, the keys to the van were left at a podium where an employee would hopefully see them first. The driver Giant returned to the rest of the group and they all proceeded swiftly to the terminal. Along the walk the Giants met up with the couple that was frantically searched for a key drop with the man Giant and they shared that they found the key dropbox and deposited both vehicles’ keys. Nice people saving the Giants many future emails and phone calls about the last joy ride that a kilted villain would have taken in a silver Mitsubishi van.

Never give up…the Giants learned that again when the terminal turned out to be full-sized and the security queue more of hoard, longer and wider than any Giant had ever seen. Airport employees reassured all in line that the process would only take 15 minutes. How could anyone with a final boarding time of 6:40 believe the estimate when it was 6:18.

Sadly this photo does no justice to the scene encountered at Edinburgh airport. The mass of people is what you would expect lined up for the newest iPhone (back when we all did that).

Hopefully this video will do better at showing how overrun the security lines were.

Remember the security rule of all liquids fitting into one clear quart sized ziplock bag? Giants didn’t. Rules are different, no shoes or belts were removed. This rule in Scotland about liquids is not different – knowledge not known until almost all Giant bags were pulled. The Mother of Giants negotiated, argued, begged, and bartered with almost nothing thrown out even though many non-liquids were classified by Scottish TSA as liquids.

Then the running happened. And it was not a short run. Not long if you run marathons. Long if you think you will miss the flight if you aren’t more swift of foot.

All Giants arrived prior to gate closing, and then learned about easyJet‘s rules on who can take a carry-on and a handbag (defined on their site as a purse or laptop bag). Well 3 Giants could take two bags (carry-on and hand) because of seat assignments and 3 could not. The 3 that couldn’t, had their second bags tagged for gate check with a green tag like the one pictured here:

As you can see this tag was removed. The genius Mother of Giants realized that by removing the 3 tags while walking down the jetway that the group could all proceed and take the bags onboard without doing gate check. Good work, she was right.

There was no ID check at the airport. There was a check for a boarding pass, but not for any type of ID, Giants all had passports at the ready and didn’t need to show them.

Amazingly smooth boarding, friendly staff, flight that didn’t take 50 minutes that was scheduled (air time was no more than 29 minutes), and a great start to the day (that is after all boarded the plane).

A great flight experience on easyJet rated:

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