Apple Maps Could Be Called Everlost

The Edinburgh Castle website suggests using the NCP Castle Terrace Car Park. Good advice, and when you arrive and Apple directs you to take the long scenic route through the Princess Street Gardens, you shouldn’t as it will be good exercise and likely lead to words like “I knew we shouldn’t have trusted Apple Maps.” Later there will be some other “I told you so” types of phrases. Not our only spoiled Apple experiences so far, and very likely not the only ones coming. Keep in mind that while going the wrong way it is possible that you will meet a women with a very well behaved dog and she and her dog, through it’s silent consent, may confirm the wrong direction by Apple is the correct way to go – this all might happen if you had traveled with us today.

Pictures above are in sequential order. Sadly we did not see the sign until the wrong turns had been made.

Why not use Google Maps? We can’t seem to get the signal strength needed for Google Maps even though our phones are surfing, texting, calling and apping well.

We advise that you have the driver drop the group off at this point on Johnston Terrace:


And walk up these stairs to wait for the driver to catch up 10 minutes or so behind the party:


One other piece of advice, take your NCP parking ticket with you so that Edinburgh Castle can validate it. We paid 19 pound instead of validation because we did not know of the option to validate until it was going to be a 30 minute round trip to get the ticket (actually more like 20 minutes once we found the right way to walk, but we did not know it would be that short given our first go of it). We did send two Giants back early to return with the ticket, but one of the other child Giants started feeling ill (likely too much sun and not enough water) so we left and paid.

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