1st McDonalds

With the proliferation of American brands throughout modern Europe for a quick serve option for lunch we had the choice of Five Guys, McDonalds, gas station, or fasting. We chose McDonalds. Giants fans know that initially the blog was going to be How Many Bigmacs Does it Take. This first stop was not in the vain of the initial title, it was the first place for lunch given the limited options.

The McDonalds used digital screens for ordering and passed the pickle/onion test. In the States the Giants aren’t willing to ask for two modifications on an item at McDonalds given the outcomes (too many too many to list). Bigmacs at this location were delivered as ordered. And they had bacon as an option to add! With excitement the Father of Giants went for it and received England-esque bacon which is somewhat like floppy/fatty ham – excitement over.

No refills on sodas, not a surprise.

Giants rated this McDonalds:

Rather good for fast food.

Thank you Bicester, England for providing the Giants their first taste of America (only better).

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