Gum Art Surprise on Millennium Bridge

You likely know the of the pretty pictures and scenes that include the Millennium Bridge in London. We were pleased to take a few nice shots ourselves.

Were you aware of the artwork that is being created at the feet of London travelers? We have seen the bridges where lovers leave a lock attached to the bridge and throw the key in the river as a sign of their hearts being locked forever. We have never seen this type of artwork made from the chewed gum left to create gumshoes of passers-by:

Look closely at the gum on the bridge and you see that an artist has used the mess as the canvas for a small painting. What an wonderful idea to take a mess and make it into art. Thank you to our guide Jessica with Free Tours by Foot for pointing this out during out Harry Potter Tour.

There are many to see and here are a handful of them for you:

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