Garden Crepes

Creme de la Crepes is a very cute concept. Hungry traveling Giants took to the idea of trying both sweet and savory crepes at Covenant Garden in London.

Service was quick and friendly. There was no charge for table water that was served right from a tap – warm without ice. Staff was nice about it – better than places that charge for the same liquid experience.

The crepes themselves you ask? If the establishment were a short walk from our home it is likely we would not ever eat there again. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t good either. The dark chocolate was too dark – about to the point of bitterness of baker’s chocolate. The two we purchase with eggs came undercooked and were hardly consumed.

Too bad they don’t do them like Crepes Ala Carts in Breckenridge, Colorado. On a scale of 6 that place would get an 8!

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