Drowning in Friendly London Staff

On Monday, 6/18/18 we left Zizzi after 15 mins of no service at the start of our late meal. We were pleased at the extremely prompt table service at Pizza Express.

We were seated, fed, watered, and checked out in less than 40 minutes. Food included appetizers of dough balls. The pizzas we had ranged from plane cheese to one with items like caramelized onions and goat cheese.

Giants food rating is:

Our Food expert said after the meal, “It’s not fair since I was so hungry,” referring to how he felt about this dinner at 10:00pm. Our expert alludes to the idea that at 5:00pm we would likely rate the place lower.

The server was fast, friendly, and aware of how parched we were. He gave us good tasting water, refilled it, left a pitcher, and refilled the pitcher. Us Arizonans loved the water love.

Gotta love the view of St. Pauls from the Pizza Express behind the Mother of Giants with her picture of water.

Giants Water rating:

Friendliness to Tourist rating:

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