Nighty Night, Sleep Tight on the Flight

img_6231At times going to sleep and staying asleep is a struggle for most. Sleeping on a plane is additionally difficult. The flight Phoenix to London is over 9 hours and finding some comfort and winks is essential for the Giants. You know that experience where the blanket (airplane ones are notoriously small and of poor design) just will not stretch out and cover your shoulders and toes at the same time.


The Mother of Giants nodded off for a few minutes after dinner and after waking decided to do a motherly task and tucked each Child Giant in. She left the seating area for the facilities and upon her return saw that the Father of Giants’ blanket was poorly positioned while he slept. Taking care to not wake this sleeping Giant she tucked him in right. Finding him to be cozy and likely to not be cold Giant Mother returned to her seat one row back to sit by her husband. When she sat she realized that the blanket care she gave was to a stranger. Of course helping others is what we teach our kids and during this flight the mother showed real concern for an unmet friend. Thankfully this man slept through the event and the memory is all Shelly’s.

The flight was timely and as comfortable and smooth as a flight could be. Not perfect service, very proper as are the English. Not one of us had a complaint and each rated British Airways full marks:

6.0 Goodmans

All 6 liked it!

*We booked through American Airlines and got our miles through there.

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