Packing Magic Trick

Magic packing can happen without the eye picking up on the tick with the expert direction of Water expert Shelly. First you were impressed by all that would fit in 27 mornings in Europe. Now see the magic of packing 4 weeks in one carry-on size backpack for the largest of the Giants.


Each Giant Takes One Bag

Here are the contents of the Father of Giants precisely packed into the allotted space:

List of items:

  • Click here to read more about the minor magic trick that lead to a filled toiletry bag
  • Dirty laundry bags (2)
  • Gerry Venture shorts (2 pairs)  and Gerry Venture pants (1) – Follow Camp Goodman (epic) to see a ghost in shorts!
  • Nike hats (3 – gotta look well presented) – essential for new hairless-do
  • Windbreaker/rain coat
  • PJs – Go Devils!
  • “I needed a pair of sunglasses and chose to stop by Walmart (couldn’t find Target). I don’t ever spend more than $10 or $15 a pair since I am willing to leave them behind, break them, and scratch them. At checkout I found the $15 pair was only $5. I ran back and grabbed 3 more pairs. My blue eyes appreciate that I found space to pack a total of 3 pairs.” Father of Giants
  • Travel Size Card Game (Master and Thief) – learning a new game as a group is Giant fun
  • Neck Pillow
  • UK and Europe adapters – the Giant children have been told many times the difference between adapters and converters – all of us will know soon how well the understand the difference – here is hoping that no Giant is packing a curling iron or blow dryer without a converter as well
  • Plus extra adapters for the kids if they lose theirs (don’t tell them!)
  • Dri-fit Nike golf/tennis style polos (5)
  • Passport (the real “Don’t leave home without it” item) – at some point we will tell readers here about the time the Giants stayed an extra night in Puerto Rico waiting for passports
  • Book of Mormon in paperback, available for anyone to have if they will simply ask for it
  • Dri-fit Nike socks (5 pairs)
  • Coin Rings given to the Giants by our Food expert Boston
  • Invisible unmentionables – not pictured (5 pairs)
  • Also not pictured is the Father of Giants dress shirt and tie that was packed in a different Giant’s bag – the packing bag/board used for those fits 2 items each
  • Spare shoes because what do you do if your first pair gets wet?
  • Apple laptop, charger and cord (good news is that like electric razors and iPhone plugs no additional convertor is needed – after many test of the WordPress app on the iPhone it is clear that Giants need a laptop to blog
  • Swim trunks
  • Playing cards (what do we do if we don’t enjoy the new travel games we packed?)
  • 2 backup, old iPhones we could have sold and decided to have them just in case
  • Hand cleaners and Wet Ones – Gotta clean public toilets before using them – even the ones that cost 1 Pound/Euro to help defray cleaning costs
  • Headphones, charging cord, Mophie Juice Pack with charging cord, and two little white Apple boxes to use with the cords (again no additional convertors needed)
If the Giants missed anything, please comment below to give them a heads up before 5:00pm Arizona time on Sunday the 17th.

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After the family magician was done performing the feat recorded in the slides above, the Giant parents chose to make a small exchange of back up adaptors for an umbrella (there are still extras packed, just not as many). Note the use of packing cubes above as well – they will be great for the quick turn around times where hotel stays are more like a nap with a bathroom break rather than a night’s stay.



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