Coins to Rings

img_5879The Goodman Giant Food expert spent many hours preparing and making special gifts for all 6 Goodman Giants. The other Giants knew he was working on a project for the trip, and they did not know what was coming. Turns out they had not ever heard of such a thing as a ring made from a coin. Quarters are the most common coin ring and since we are going to Europe for EPIC Camp Goodman we opted for European coin rings.

img_6033We considered making a video to show how to make a ring out of a coin. We recorded a lot of footage for this hoped for video. Because we love Goodman Giants fans we have chosen to not post a how to video since we aren’t experts at ring making and our video will not be the best resource for you. We suggest you watch this video on how to make a quarter into a ring (We love the part where the YouTuber says that if you don’t have the equipment that you should have a friend that does help you, and that if you do not have a friend with the equipment that you should seriously reevaluate your life – Thank you John Sisk for making it so we do not have to reevaluate our lives). Watch the link and then google a couple of concepts he does not hit on:

  • Steel Die Punch – much easier than drilling.
  • How to find the center of corner – there are a few methods. Try these methods. Then find the guy who has pre-cut plastic inserts for the steel die punch kits to help center the coins and you will appreciate his efforts and likely buy his product if you plan to make many coins – we did not purchase his product.

img_5831The finished rings are awesome to have. These coin centers from the die punch process are an interesting byproduct – they are the coin equivalent to the donut hole. What to do with these? We don’t know, but they are cute.

We thought the 1st ring would take us the longest and we were right – probably about 1 hour. We started with a quarter – well many actually, because we had to go through a handful in learning how to properly center our hole. The first European coin we successfully made into a ring is the one that Savannah, Friendliness to Tourists, received as her ring.

We found that sizing is more of a art than a science and that when novice make gifts like these that the recipients will recognize the efforts and be willing to overlook the lack of perfect sizing.

The two Goodmans that made these coins for the group of six rate this activity:

5.0 Goodmans

5 Goodmans! They take time to make.

img_5992Warning, have the hammering done by a professional or the person that breaks the steel die cut may have to run down to a supply store to buy a second one. Sadly we have no video of this since the Father of Giants attempted this while Giant Boston was productively working on producing a ring.

Big shout out to our friend Joe Hughes of American Airlines who first tipped us off to this idea. Without him and his amazing mind for things unique (ask him about gold fish races if you know him) then we would not have known to make these rings.

Rings given to the Giants on Monday, June 11, 2018 and all plan to wear them during EPIC Camp Goodman.

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