Cut Weight Preparing for Travel

Water expert Shelly shares with the Goodman Giants community, “In an effort to travel lightly we have decided to leave Nick’s hair behind.” Admittedly this elder Giant had limited follicle success prior to the shearing. Goodman Giants cut weight preparing for carrying one carry-on size bag in whatever way we may.  Shelly continues, “Now we will use less water in the collective Giant efforts of washing hair while in Europe.”

Transportation expert Nick shares, “This was not so much about conserving water, we have a very tight schedule while in Europe and need to save time where we can.”

How many Goodmans does the new look rate:

5.0 Goodmans

5 Goodmans! Really 4 plus 2 1/2s

Most enthusiastic about the new non-do melon, a la Picard, is Boston the Giant Food expert. It might be that with his prescription glasses he can see better – or it might be that he simply has a better sense of style.

With these two videos you get a real 360 view of the action!

June 11, 2018         Thank you Frankie at Floyd’s

#goodmangiants going on EPIC #campgoodman June 17, 2018! Please help a Goodman out and make comments below on best dome management.

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