We will take six of everything!

A little insight on packing for our Epic Camp Goodman this summer! Six driven Giants each need to pack lightly while not forgetting anything. We find that each choice quickly turns into, “We will take 6 of that.”

Wet Wipes $1.47 a packer from Walmart-one packet per traveler. Essential to have with you, especially when finding a restroom in a hurry. The father of the father of Giants always says it is important to leave a restroom cleaner than how you found it. To leave the place cleaner than when you found it clean the restroom before you use it so you get that benefit.

Toothbrush packet – $.97 each at Walmart. Picked these up because toothpaste “with Scope” are the Giants favorite.

Adapters, not converters–it’s an important distinction. Each person needs to have one adapter for non-UK-Europe. They are inexpensive. We got 12 from Amazon for $5.99. We need adapters because the only electronics we are packing are iPhones, one small apple laptop, and electric razors. Each of these devices have plugs that do conversion, but we need adapters. The UK adapters were $3.33 a piece (got 9 total in case we lose a few).

Other than our credit card with no transaction fees for Europe, we each need some cash. For this trip we need Pounds for UK, Euros for most other stops and Swiss Francs for Switzerland. Vibrant colors, plastic feel, size changes for different denominations among one type of currency. Lots to experience just in packing.

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  1. Amy Isom says:

    The last few trips we have taken we have been contacted by our credit card company to make sure it was really us. It was a little tricky as we got to Tel Avi at 1 a.m. and had problem checking in because our credit cards. So now we call to let them know where we will be so that doesn’t happen again. And since Mike spend as much time out side the USA as he does in. It has become very important. (This is with out Costco Visa and also our Debit from a credit union. Happy they are checking up on us.) Happy Travels

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