European Chocolate by Any Other Vendor Would Not Taste as Sweet

img_5848Plea to Cadbury by the Goodman Giant chocolate expert: Please change and distribute your beautiful Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut to the United States rather than producing a hollow visual facsimile of this work of art.

Chocolate per capita consumption in the United Kingdom is 72% higher than it is in the United State. Cadbury and friends, if the States had better chocolate we would eat more chocolate. The Goodman Giants are committed to eating more chocolate at home if you will commit to provide us the delightful experiences you so easily provide in Europe. Chocolate consumption by eighteen countries in Eastern and Western Europe was higher per capita than the United States in 2017. Give us better chocolate and gluttonous Americans will compete for the title of the most likely in the world to eat chocolate for breakfast.

European chocolate is chocolate the way it is meant to be, it tastes better there, it is better there. It is made with less wax for one thing. We are not bashing the American companies for how they make chocolate. We understand that with the higher temperatures in the States that for the chocolate to not melt in transit that you need to add more wax*. We Giants have brought home European chocolate only to find we need to store it in the refrigerator to keep it from melting and reshaping each time it hardens. Americans make your chocolate, and please let us also have the choice to consume the European brands we love. Easy to tell that we are getting excited to be in the United Kingdom in less than two weeks!

*Disclaimer: American chocolate will also melt in the Arizona heat.

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