¿Travel Insurance?

pexels-photo-968241-336828760-1528229221816.jpegThe Goodman Giants have been planning this EPIC Camp Goodman for many months. We are going, nothing can stop us from going, unless of course something does stop this group of family travel bloggers from this adventure. Insurance only matters when you need it, until then it feels like an unneeded expense.

We have never purchased travel insurance before. It always seemed too expensive, too complicated, unneeded….The list of excuses go on. You probably know the excuses as well as we do since you likely recite them to yourself.

Last year part of the Goodman Giants traveled to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France with a grandparent. We previously have not blogged about this since only 2 Giants were on the trip and therefore it was not any of the three types of Camp Goodmans. The grandmother Giant got an infection that required emergency surgery. As an aside, if this were a blog about hospital stays in Austria the Giants would rate the experience 1 Goodman – staff was kind enough, it was in the high 80s fahrenheit, the patient rooms did not have air conditioners, the room window only opened about 4 inches, and no fans were provided. High Austrian humidity, no air flow, and warm weather made for a horrific stay. There was AC at the nurses stations! We broke this parent of a parent Giant out of the hospital to get her home to Arizona against Austrian doctor’s orders.

Okay, why bring up the surgery in Austria? Because the travel insurance that the infected bought through Allianz saved the day by paying for travel expenses far beyond the cost of the policy. They were great when it came to customer service, providing guidance and insight on how to navigate foreign healthcare and passage home.

Goodman Giants: recommend Allianz travel insurance, bought our own Giant policy today, don’t receive any payment by this recommendation, make no guarantees for those that choose to follow our recommendation.

We are covered for Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Emergency Medical/Dental, Emergency Medical Transportation, Baggage Loss/Damage (we have this through our credit card as well), Baggage Delay, and Missed Connection. Similar coverage through our preferred credit card would have been 5 times as expensive. We feel well covered – all for just over $100 a person in our group of 6! Here is hoping that you never read a blog post about how buying this was a great choice.

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