Geneva on the Lake – Geneva, New York

img_4910We stayed at Geneva on the Lake. The room was expensive ($633.33 per night) for a 2-bedroom, 1 bath, and a living room. The room clearly had not been remodeled since 1980’s. Dated furniture, old carpet, and technology from before 4 Goodman Giants in the end was a better option than 3 rooms for our group of 6. Such a large space with a bathroom was a surprise, and a bit of a challenge for the six of us. The bathroom was the size you would expect on a cruise ship.

Breakfast was included in the rate. It was a nice brunch on Sunday, October 8th. Even though this was an “unofficial” Camp Goodman, Tacoma tried a new food! He experimented with a bagel with cream cheese and lox. He thought that it was strawberry cream cheese, the way the lox were mixed in, he chooses to say it was trying a new food!

We came, we stayed, we rated:

3.0 Goodmans

Only 3 Goodmans

Funny story, though, that the hotel had not part in… We were playing croquet (since we don’t know how to play bocce ball), and we felt a light drop or two. One of us looked up and said, “It’s going to rain.” It immediately started pouring! We had no idea we had such power in our words.

October 6 – 8, 2017

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