Anchor Bar – Buffalo, New York

img_4909The place that brought the Buffalo Wing to the world…

Here we met our good friends the Nelsons. As residents of Randolph, NY, they recommended this place as us as a must-try. How could Goodman Giants pass up on going to the restaurant that created the Buffalo Chicken Wing?  No worries that only 3 of the 6 Goodmans actually eat chicken wings….

A great time catching up was had by all. The Nelsons would be a delight to spend time with even if we were eating prison food. We weren’t, just saying that we caught up with them for them, not for the food.

We came, we tried, we rated:

3.5 Goodmans

3.5 Goodmans

We believe this to be a positive for Anchor Bar with so many non-wing consumers. We tried the pizza, fried zucchini, and of course… lots and lots of Buffalo wings.


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