Packing for fun, or packing for film?

img_5778Goodman Giants had more fun playing at the bay than should be allowed for any group of behemoths. And collectively we are positive that we had more enjoyment creating memories than taking pictures of our day. Hope this post sets the stage that Giant fans should look past the images and take in the imagery.

Giants, do you want to do the following?

  1. Jet Skiing
  2. Parasailing
  3. Ride on a Banana Boat
  4. Scuba Diving

There are many tour companies in Hawaii that offer these types of all day experiences. We had an amazing time as all 25 participants of the Cliff & Dina Goodman 50th Anniversary Trip were entertained. As is his nature, grandpa Goodman chose to sit this one out.

Jet Skiing – Major hit for all drivers and riders. None of the 6 Giants had ridden in the ocean on a jet ski before. Many times we have ridden on the calm lakes in Arizona. The waves make the experience exhilarating.

6.0 Goodmans

Perfect score!

Parasailing – Each Giant that was willing to leave the ground loved the time in the sky. No Goodman Giant has ever tried to fly before and each brave one that did can’t wait to go again.

6.0 Goodmans

Perfect rating by those that participated!

Ride on a Banana Boat – This is a time filler option for those that are not old enough to parasail, scuba dive, or drive the jet skis. Fun was had, and nobody was talking about this as the high point of the day.

3.0 Goodmans

We prefer oranges to bananas.

Scuba Diving – What a great way to sample scuba diving without having to get certified. This event would have been perfect for the participants if it were not for the trouble that some had equalizing. Of the greater Goodman clan there was a pattern of ear pain from not being able to equalize that correlated to the ages of the individuals. After the considerable difficulty some had it is clear why there is a minimum age to participate. When booking we assumed the age restrictions had to do with risks of physical injury. The environment was considerably controlled, felt safe, and injury did not seem possible given how quite and peacful it is under the water. The best guides can’t cause equalizing to happen, and the younger the person the more likely there will be pain.

4.5 Goodmans

My ears hurt!!!!!

Find a firm that offers this type of day and book it!