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Kids teach us persistence: It might be that you need to click on a map location twice for it to work on your phone.


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The Goodman Giants!

Goodman family: Nick, Shelly, Savannah, Boston, Houston, Tacoma. We love travel. We like experiencing as much of the local culture as we can, yet we love our comfort food!

Local fare during our travels gives us some trepidation. As much as we enjoy new places, new foods, new cultures, we have picky eaters in our midst. The great thing is that we know no matter where we go in the world, there is almost always a McDonald’s nearby, and if the oftentimes exotic food does not go down so well, we can fill up on Big Macs! As American Giants we feel well qualified to say that McDonald’s tastes better outside of the States. Could be that it is a reminder of home? We don’t think that is the case – the Big Macs around the world look like the pictures in the American ads. We gauge our experiences with local foods by seeing “how many Big Macs it takes” to fill up after our exposure meal. If we order 6 Big Macs, we probably will not be going back. If it only takes 1 or 2 Big Macs, we consider that a win!

As a family, we rate everything from our accommodations to the local water with this “how many Big Macs does it take” system! For the purposes of this blog, we use a 6 Goodmans scale:

All 6 liked it!

5 and a half Goodmans liked it!

… and so on.

We have travel experts in the following categories with all Goodman Giants voting:

Nick = Transportation
Shelly = Water
Savannah = Friendliness to Tourists
Boston = Food
Houston = Activities
Tacoma = Chocolate (milk, white, specialty). Dark will get no mentions and no ratings because no Goodman likes dark chocolate!

We hope that you enjoy our travel blog as much as we enjoy sharing it. Thank you for joining us on our adventures!